What is Halal Certificate Management System?

Halal Certified Management System (HCMS) has been created specifically for Halal Certification Bodies (CBs) around the globe to help them expedite the highly stringent security and verification process of Halal certificates while increasing efficiency in tracking tens of thousands of certificates.

One of the HCMS special and safety features is the QR Code on the Halal Certificate that helps CBs to identify the genuineness and avoid forgery of the Halal Certificates.

The HCMS, an interactive system embedded with highly stringent security features, enables more than 200 global CBs to manage their own halal certification process.

With high volume of certificates from global CBs, at times reaching thousands of certificates from one CB alone, the HCMS system is able to handle immense transaction of data volume seamlessly, thus increasing efficiency, productivity and reducing cost.

The HCMS uses an innovative recycling method for the issuance, tracking of expiry and renewals and tracking tens of thousands of halal certificates promptly and efficiently.

The HCMS is a web-based application with no client software to download or install, accessible anytime and anywhere, and presents a wide array of user-friendly features, owing to the designers who have put users as primary focus.

With HCMS, global CBs will be able to print the certificates and generate PDF files on-the-fly which reduce the process workflow in the issuance of halal certificates compare to the traditional file storing system. The officers can now monitor and manage halal certificates lifecycle in a more efficient way.